SuperHeroes Unlimited

Couch Con

June 6, 2020

Mulligan Art

Mr Mulligan’s work is represented in galleries internationally, and collected by everyone from Hugh Hefner (where his work was recently featured in Mr. Hefner‘s lifetime estate auction) and Johnny Depp to Dick VanDyke, Richard Sherman (half of the Oscar-winning song writing duo of Mary Poppins) and Roger Daltrey. An artist with a career long relationship with the Walt Disney Company, spanning over two decades, projects include Animazement, Light Magic, Haunted Mansion Holiday, and newly revitalized classics from Walt Disney Feature Animation. His design, fine art and gallery work includes Playboy, Coca-Cola, the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Fox, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Marvel, DC, Lexus, and Elvis Presley Enterprises

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Just a cosplay girl with a nack for making props and plushies

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I’m Savannah, the Banana half of BananaCakeCosplay. I started cosplaying May 2019 when my cousin (Abrianna aka Cake) invited me to a convention. We’ve been cosplaying together ever since! Cosplay is my new passion but I also Do some modeling and princess work on the side. However, my natural habitat is working for a certain green and white Siren!

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Alys Belyn Cosplay

Cosplay. But make it fashion. Hi! I'm Alys. I'm a cosplayer, ballet dancer, business owner, model , mask maker, and history maker. I create about 95% of my cosplays, everything from the costume itself, to the accessories/props and styling the wigs all myself. I also love to put a fun fashion twist into every one of my cosplays. I also love to create fun things, please check out all the stuff I have to offer!

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Jessie has been cosplaying for the past 9 years. The main character she cosplays is Harley Quinn, and, over time, she has added various outfits of her own creativity. She recently joined Superheroes unlimited, and is ready and looking forward to adding more characters to her cosplay repertoire.

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TC's Rockets

We are a comic book and toy shop based in San Diego! We have all kinds of collectibles from every fandom. We also host an annual convention called San Diego Rocket Con! Check us out at

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Savannah and Abrianna are the girls behind bananacakecosplay. They often refer to themselves as Banana and Cake respectively. They started their cosplay journey together may 2019. Bananacakecosplays enthusasium for cosplay and costumes as given them opportunities to work as models with Superheroes Unlimited and as princess with Happily Ever After Entertainment Az.

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Sapphire Nova Cosplay

Sapphire has been cosplaying all of her life but she coins her official start at the age of 15 going to the Lord of the Rings movie premiers. Now she has guested as a professional cosplayer at around 100+ conventions. She has over 50 cosplays, but some of her most well known costumes include Lady Death, Starfire, Red Sonja, and Gamora. She was recently seen on the cover of Lady Death and the cover of Ace and Starlet.

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Candie Cosplay

Hi! I'm Candie with Candie Cosplay and I have been doing cosplay since 2012. I had a previous name but I am starting over with a new look and a new name!! I have a huge list of cosplays ranging from princesses to superheroes to anime. I love creating cosplays and making them my own. I have lots of upcoming projects that I can't wait to share! Not only do I create the cosplays, but I also enjoy playing the part. I even do public appearances as characters!

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Lady Bisha

My name is lady Bisha. I'm a cosplayer who finds inspiration in video games, comics, and anime. As a creator, I strive to create beautiful and original cosplays inside and out. I look forward to sharing my work with everyone.

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All times are in PST on June 6, 2020


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