SuperHeroes Unlimited

May 2020

Sapphire Nova Cosplay

Sapphire has been cosplaying all of her life but she coins her official start at the age of 15 going to the Lord of the Rings movie premiers. Now she has guested as a professional cosplayer at around 100+ conventions. She has over 50 cosplays, but some of her most well known costumes include Lady Death, Starfire, Red Sonja, and Gamora. She waqs recently seen on the cover of Lady Death and the cover of Ace and Starlet.

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Candie Cosplay

Hi! My name is Candie and I have done cosplay since 2012. I do a large variety of cosplays stretching from princesses, superheroes,anime and generic characters like mermaids. I absolutely love recreating characters and bringing them to life!

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Alys Belyn Cosplay

Cosplay. But make it fashion. I'm Alys and have been cosplaying for about 3 years! I make all of my cosplays and cosplay accessories myself. Not only am I a cosplayer, but I'm a model, a ballet dancer, small business owner, and part-time superhero. I have a ton of really amazing projects I'm working on, and super excited to show them off!

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Uncle Yuhki

Perhaps one of the most useless infamous anime panelist you've never heard of, but might know anyway. Make these short lovely moments permanent and add me to a long list of aquaintances which could turn into a midnight pleasure dream. Uncle Yuhki is here for you.

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